Takeo Tama Advertising

We're a Music-entertainment provider offering a variety of Songs in many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).

For a limited-time, we can serve your ads starting at $10.oo per unit.

• We can service all popular sizes including custom formats.

• We can promote pre-roll and post-roll video advertisements.

* Our in-house deployment-systems have limitations and we can not guarantee conversions/sales for your products or services.


Need help? Call/Text: +1 (224)600-5608



Q: Why are your advertising-services so low-costs?

A: For two basic but very strong reasons:

1. Because of the way the world is now.

2. Because we're offering the best display-advertising possible with little problems regarding ad-blockers/anti-virus blocking. We use custom-PHP and server-side configurations to empower all HTML served across our network for the best access/view-ratios attainable. We try "not" to utilize JavaScript whenever possible as it causes some compatibility issues in web-browsers and often brings ad/campaign views downward.

Q: Do you provide tracking?

A: Yes. Usually via short-links. It depends on several factors how inventory is tracked, typically.

Q: Do you support all standard ad-sizes?

A: Yes. We also can service custom-sizes when applicable.

Standard Ad-Size Template

Custom Ad-Size Template

Q: Do you provide "Pop" solutions?

A: Yes. But with two caveats:

1. We don't charge for it.

2. We don't guarantee it. -- Believe us, we've tried it all. Serving it through specialized PHP calls, through advanced server-side techniques, via specialized Jquery scripts and at the end of the day, every time a browser is updated, or an ad-blocker technology is expanded, the "Pop"-ads instantly become broken. -- So you can ask us to include it with your unit but those are the facts behind attempting such advertising methods.

Q: Why do you openly state that your deployment-systems have limitations?

A: Because everything we do is of an 'in-house' nature, we want to present you with realistic expectations, only. If you come to us requiring complex tools then we must decline in most cases.

Q: Have you encountered problems with Ad-Block/Anti-Virus software?

A: Only regarding "Pop" style advertisements and some JavaScript tests. Everything else seems to function fine.

Q: How are VAST video-ads served?

A: We offer five to fifteen second pre-roll (before play) and thirty to sixty seconds [plus] post-roll (after play) options. We serve the video-ads via custom-XML mark-up to make certain they get the best amount of sitewide rotation available.

* We only service .MP4 videos. We find them to be the most compatible across multiple browsers/devices.

Q: What are your primary traffic sources? Where will my ads be seen??

A: The hot-spot per our traffic would come from our product-pages. Alongside this is direct-traffic requests, e-mail, RSS, Blogs, test-market traffic, and audiences from any media-buying campaigns we do off-site (to which those audiences would see your ads also).

Q: How is payment handled?

A: We typically invoice via PayPal. Other methods/systems can add variable costs which may not be suitable for both the buyer and the seller.

Q: Why is this Gig/offering for a limited-time?

A: Marketing our inventory (i.e. ad-space) to the general-public was never a part of any original intentions.

But things are just, different now. People, companies of all shapes and sizes need help! Why exists in greed?

Plus, it helps that there's some { other events | items beyond our control } happening, forcing us to think and operate well outside our knowledge.

This is "not" 'Fly by Night'. This is not about finding fast-money. This is all just one huge experiment, and if the demand is present then we're honored and proud to serve your goals!!

If we discontinue these services while we're still working with you then we'll just treat it like a long-term contract and run your creative(s) in perpetuity.

More Questions & Answers will become available as they're encountered.



Your information is kept completely private. It is never auctioned, shared, or sold.

» Mainstream

No matter which vertical you are targeting, we're confident that we have enough standard/commercial viewership to help you boost your brand, product, or service exposure by at least 35% (and that's just being transparent, citing a campaign with highly saturated program links).


» Adult

Got something too hot for regular networks (i.e. radio, television, or podcasts)? No problem! We have channels geared for exactly such styles of content. Let us know what you've got and we'll tell you upfront if we can help!! No worries...


» International

Global audience retention is not always essential for every campaign but regardless of this fact, we believe you can benefit from our viewers across the world seeing your offerings. Just tell us where to send visitors outside your advertising regions.